The Township uses an automated trash collection system based on "toters."
Toters are approved refuse and recycling containers supplied to each residential unit (except for mobile home parks) by the Township. Each residence receives an all green toter for refuse and a green toter with a yellow lid for their recycling. The toters stay with the residential unit, even if there is a change in ownership. We recommend that residents mark or paint their house number on their toter and keep a record of its serial number. Lost or stolen toters must be replaced by the homeowner. Damaged toters are repaired or replaced at no cost by the Township. Contact the Township Office for the replacement procedure.

The toters must be placed at the curbside by 6am on the day of collection
We encourage residents to place them at the curb the night before. They should be left with the lid opening facing the street and handle facing away from the street. Do not set the toter right next to a mailbox, tree or parked car and do not place anything next to or on top of the toter. The mechanical arms need space to operate and cannot lift up toters that are too close to other objects, are more than half-way open or have items on top of them. If this happens, the toter will not be collected. (Please see Excess Refuse collection for details.)  Electronic devices may no longer be put in your toters.  Please read about this new law.

Toters are the unit of measure for Township refuse collection
The system is designed to encourage recycling and make residents more aware of the trash they put at the curb for disposal. Toters should be large enough, with proper recycling, to handle a family's waste for the week. Residents cannot "opt out" of the refuse/recycling service.  Any home with a Use and Occupancy Permit will be billed for the service whether the owner is living there or not.   Each residence must have at least one refuse and one recycling toter.  If more toters are desired by a resident, the resident will be billed accordingly.  Bills are mailed to residents by the Township.  The cost to residents is $120.50 semi-annually per residence for one refuse toter and one recycling toter.