Refuse - Large Item Collection

The Township offers monthly trash collection of one large item to its residents. This covers items such as furniture, big appliances, or carpeting. Excessive amounts of regular trash are not considered large items (please see Excess Refuse.) Cardboard boxes or yard waste are also not considered large items (boxes should be recycled and yard waste should be composted). Building materials are not accepted. 

  • Residents may set out one large trash item per residential unit per month. Collection occurs on the resident's last trash collection day of the month (see the municipal calendar for collection days).
  • Effective January 24, 2013, Pennsylvania residents no longer are able to dispose of cell phones, televisions, tablets, computers, monitors and other electronic waste in their trash.  These are not eligible items for large trash collection day.
  • Additional Large Item pickups are available besides your normal collection on the last refuse collection day of each month. If you want to get rid of more than one item or if you do not want to wait to the end of each month, the Township will make a scheduled pickup (usually on a Wednesday) for a fee of $10 per item. Contact the Township Office at 610-269-4174 for information or scheduling.

Mattresses & Box Springs
Effective August 2016, the Chester County Solid Waste Authority raised the fee for the disposal of mattresses and box springs.  The landfill now charges West Bradford Township a $20 fee for each mattress or box spring received.  West Bradford Township will still collect these items, but residents must pay the increased fee of $20 per item to the Township in advance of pick-up.  Please contact the Township at (610) 269-4174 to arrange pick-up. Guide - Alternative Ways to Dispose of Mattress/Box Springs.

Large trash items that contain Freon (e.g. refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and any other item containing refrigerant)
Large trash items that contain Freon must have the Freon removed and a certification attached before they will be collected. The Township offers an additional service that will collect these items curbside with the refrigerant still in place for a fee of $20.  After scheduling with the Township Office at 610-269-4174, items with Freon can be placed curbside for the scheduled pickup, usually on a Wednesday, without having the Freon removed. The Township will recycle the refrigerant and the metal in the appliance. You can still have the Freon removed by a certified technician (see appliance services in the Yellow Pages). Once the technician places the appropriate sticker on the appliance, the item can be placed curbside for pickup on your large item collection day without charge and without contacting the Township. The Chester County Health Department website also offers a list of certified Freon removal technicians.  Please also remember that state law requires refrigerator and freezer doors to be removed before disposal for the protection of children.

Cathode Tube Televisions
Cathode tube televisions can only be disposed of at the Lanchester Landfill in Honey Brook.  They will accept up to three televisions per visit.  Other large trash items may also be dropped off at the Lanchester Landfill.  Contact them at 610-273-3771.