Compost Site

Drawing of traffic light unit showing Green light

Compost Site is open Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9AM TO 2PM

  • The site is limited to residents of West Bradford and East Bradford Township.
  • All visitors MUST practice social distancing when outside of their vehicle.
  • Fees for the compost site
  • Biodegradeable bags only, no plastic bags accepted.
  • We do not accept stumps or roots.
  • We will update the website when the front end loader will be available for residents for loading material.


Frontloader dumpting compost into truckThe Township encourages all of its residents to compost or mulch their yard waste. This reduces the amount of waste that has to be collected and helps the environment. Should you choose to make your own compost, it can include leaves, clippings and grass cuttings. Even food and vegetable scraps and coffee grounds can be added to your compost. Compost can be used as fertilizer and mulch around your yard.

If you would like further information on composting, contact the Chester County Health Department - Division of Solid Waste Management at 610-273-3771 or stop by the Township Office for composting brochures.

Yard waste cannot be burned -  It is against Township ordinance to burn recyclables (leaves and sticks are considered recyclable by mulching).  Please see Ordinance 2005-04.  Also, see Leaf and Brush Collection.