Parks & Recreation

West Bradford has always been characterized by its rolling hills, farmland, and stream valleys. We retain a strong commitment not only to preserving these characteristics, but also to providing recreation spaces and programming for our residents. 

The Township's open spaces, recreational facilities, and environmental resources are recognized as a critical quality of life issue for our residents. Our efforts in providing these quality of life resources are guided by the Township Open Space, Recreation, and Environmental Resource Plan. 

Our underlying philosophy is that every municipality should assume a direct role in ensuring the conservation of notable open space resources. Such areas can be made available for passive recreation while protecting critical natural features. The Township role may involve the implementation of restrictive ordinances, direct land acquisition, and advocacy of conservation efforts on the part of others. 

Municipal governments also have a primary role in providing for the day-to-day park and recreation needs of their residents, close to home. This is accomplished through the provision of a system of community and neighborhood parks, typically including playgrounds, hard surface courts, regulation athletic fields, and picnic areas, as well as passive and natural areas. 

It is appropriate for the Township to provide a broad range of recreational programs. Programming should aim to serve all sectors of the community including children, youth, adults, senior citizens, and handicapped individuals. 

In our community, this philosophy is put into practice by the Board of Supervisors through the Recreation Commission, Planning Commission, and Township staff.