Sanitary Sewer Services

Grinder Pump Man says.... If your property has a grinder pump, only four kinds of materials are permitted to be discharged into the sanitary sewer system…

1. human waste & toilet paper;
2. food wastes processed through a garbage disposal unit (but not grease);
3. water from sinks, tubs & dishwashers; and,
4. water from washing machines.


These are the "Flushable Four!  All other materials can damage your grinder pump, and this includes (but is not limited to) all varieties of adult and baby wipes, paint, and grease.  Property owners are responsible for any damages caused by the discharge of prohibited materials.

Please remember that it is the resident's responsibility to keep their grinder pump pit free of snow and accessible for emergency service.

Sewer Grinder Pump Troubleshooting
We receive a number of service calls for grinder pump issues, especially after lightning storms.  Storm surges may trip the circuit breaker in your home’s electrical panel that controls the operation of your pump – even when your lights or other circuits don’t go out.

When your pump’s circuit breaker is off, waste is not pumped into the collection line at the curb.  This will result in a backup in your plumbing.  To be cautious, please check your sewer pump circuit breaker whenever you visit your electrical panel or after a particularly nasty lightning storm.  An ounce of prevention can save you a messy clean up.

No Electricity= No Flushing
Your grinder pump needs electricity to operate.  If the electricity is out, wastewater will quickly fill the grinder pump's small holding tank and eventually back into your home!  (Note:  The holding tank is about 100 gallons, and the average home generates approximately 200 gallons of wastewater each day.)

So the next time your home loses electricity, please remember to minimize all water use until the power is restored.

Please click on link below for more information on maintaining a sanitary treatment system.