Township Administration Building Renovation


If you’ve been to our administration building recently, you likely noticed the construction taking place.  The Township is in the process of expanding our administration building to add additional office, meeting and storage space .  The current facility has served us well over the past 31 years, but as the Township has grown, so have our needs.  The new facility will contain additional office space as well as two new meeting rooms.  There will be one large public meeting hall and a second smaller meeting room where the Township can host committee meetings and forums.  The Township has always prided itself on being a leader in energy efficiency and a good steward of our environment.  The original building, circa 1990, is heated and cooled with geothermal ground source energy.  Likewise, the new facility will also contain geothermal heating and cooling as well as many other energy and cost saving measures.  While the Township decided not to pay the additional fees to have the building LEED certified, the facility was designed to meet the Silver Standard according to the LEEDs rating levels.

We trust this facility will serve West Bradford well into the future and enable us to deliver the level of services our residents deserve.