The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has sold the Embreeville property.  For many years Embreeville was home to a State-owned psychiatric hospital.  The property was then utilized for various educational and institutional uses until the buildings were vacated in 2010. The property now includes many athletic fields used by West Bradford Youth Athletics (WBYA).

Embreeville Updates

July 11, 2018 Update:    ahs.dep.pa.gov/NewsRoomPublic/NewsReleases.aspx?id=21495&typeid=1 


NOTICE:  CONTINUED APPEAL #395 - EMBREEVILLE :  The West Bradford Zoning Hearing Board, at its meeting on  April 4, 2018, 7 p.m. at the Township Building, 1385 Campus Dr., Downingtown, will vote on their decision in the Public Hearing Appeal #395.   Applicant/Property: Embreeville Redevelopment ("Applicant"), LP/TPN 50-8-9 & 50-8.9.4. Applicant filed a substantive challenge to the Zoning Ordinance that questions the validity of the Zoning Ordinance. Applicant owns property located at 1818 W. Strasburg Rd., between W. Strasburg Rd. and Embreeville Rd./Telegraph Rd. in West Bradford and Newlin Townships. The portion in West Bradford is TPN 50-8-9. Applicant is equitable owner of adjacent property located in West Bradford known as TPN 50-8-9.4.  Both parcels are zoned IM-Institution/Mixed. Applicant has challenged validity of Ordinance 13-06, enacted Dec. 10, 2013, which amended various provisions of the Township Code of Ordinances, Ch. 450, Zoning. Applicant has also challenged the entirety of the Township Code of Ordinances, Ch. 450, Zoning, and asserts Ordinance is substantively invalid because it does not meet Township’s obligation to provide its fair share of a variety of housing types to meet the anticipated demand in the area for such housing units. The substantive challenge is brought pursuant to Sec. 909.1 & 916.1(a)(2) of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. In event Ordinance 13-06 is found invalid application challenges Township Zoning Ordinance as it existed prior Ordinance 13-06 adoption.  The Public Hearing is continued from proceedings last held on  February 7, 2018.  Application copies and any explanatory materials provided by the Applicant are available for public inspection at the Township Building, M-F 7AM - 4:30 PM. 

11/08/13 – Revised Site Plan and Proposed Ordinance Submitted

The Owner of the Embreeville property submitted a revised site plan and proposed Ordinance to rezone this property.  The documents may be viewed here.  .

09/24/13 – Phase I and II Environmental Reports

Copies of three Phase I and Phase II environmental reports for the Embreeville property are available for public review at the Township Building.  The reports, commissioned by the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare in 2006, are over 400 pages.  An executive summary of each report can be viewed below:

06/21/13 – Board of Supervisors Meeting on July 9

The Owner of the Embreeville property is scheduled to appear at the Board of Supervisors Work Session meeting on Tuesday, July 9.  The Owner submitted a revised concept plan for this property, and the concept plan may be viewed here.  The Work Session begins at 7:30 p.m., and this meeting is open to the public.

Revised Concept Plan

04/18/13 – Embreeville Concept Plan Presentation Available

Embreeville Concept Plan

08/15/12 – Embreeville Property Facts

About Embreeville

07/31/12 – USTC Offers Field Use for 2013

The United Sports Training Center says it has the ability to accommodate WBYA’s current soccer and lacrosse programs at its facility at Marshallton-Thorndale Road, should the Embreeville property be unavailable in 2013.  West Bradford Township has requested a meeting with WBYA to further explore this option.  West Bradford Township wishes to thank the United Sports Training Center for their continued support of our community!