2021 Ordinances

21-01 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 415 of the West Bradford Township Code titled "Vehicles and Traffic," Section 415-15 to create one stop intersection at Boulder Drive at its intersection with West Sedon Drive for Westbound traffic. Adopted 3-9-21

21-02 - An Ordinance authorizing execution of a cable franchise agreement between the township and Verizon Pennsylvania LLC. Adopted 3-9-21

21-04 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 450 Zoning of the West Bradford Township Code Article II, Definitions, §450-8, Definitions, to redefine terms related to signs; Article XII, supplementary regulations, §450-64, Conditional Use regulations, by deleting and replacing the section in its entirety to address applications for billboards; and Article XII, supplementary regulations, §450-69, sign regulation, by deleting and replacing the section in its entirety to amend and update sign regulations.  Adopted 4-13-2021

2020 Ordinances

20-01 -  An Ordinance to provide funds for the purpose of: (1) financing the acquisition of certain real property for open space purposes, (2) financing of various capital projects, including additions to and renovations of the Township Building and other capital projects, and (3) paying the costs of issuance of the Bonds (collectively, the “Project”). Adopted 1-6-20.

20-02 - An Ordinance electing to amend non-uniform pension plan administered by the PMRS pursuant to Article IV of the PA Municipal Retirement  Law and as codified in Chapter 54, Pensions, Article 1, Municipal Retirement System, of the Code of West Bradford Township; agreeing to be bound by all provisions of the law, as amended, and as applicable to member municipalities.  Adopted  2-11-20.

20-03 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 298, Peddling and Soliciting, of the Code of West Bradford Township, by ameding Application for License and Revocation of License regarding the information necessary to obtain a license or to revoke a license.  Adopted 3-9-20.

20-04 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 450 of the West Bradford Township Zoning Ordinance, specifically Section 450-9 to rezone two parcels from R-1 Residential to R-3 Residential and to adopt an amendment to the Zoning Map to reflect that rezoning.  Amending  Sections 450-8, 450-11.B(3)(d),  450-16.C(3), 450-16.D(4), 450-17.B(1)(a), 450-17.C(1)b), 450-17.C(1)(c), 450-17.C(3)(b), 450-17.D(2)(a), 450-47.B(1)(c), 450-47.B(2)(c), 450-47.B(3)(b) and 450-47.B(5)(a); as they relate to mobile home units, lots and parks and semi-independent & independent  elderly housing ; to remove reference to two -family dwellings in sections 450-28.A(1)(c) and 450-46.A(1)(c); section 450-16.B(3) to amend the use regulations for the R-3 Residential District to allow multi-family dwellings and independent senior living communities by conditional use; section 450-16.C(1) to add area, lot width and coverage requirements for multi-family dwellings and independent senior living communities in the R-3 District, section 450-16.C(3)(1) to add lot width at setback line rrequirements for multi-family dwellings and independent senior living.   Adopted 6-9-20.

20-05 - An Ordinance amending the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance Chapter 385 of the West Bradford Township Code, specifically Section 385-8 "Terms Defined"; Section 385-70.A(6)(a)(1) to amend screening requirements for a multi-family dwelling and independent senior living community which abuts a lot in a residential district to be a Screen 3 (S-3); Section 385-84 "Associated Definitions" to amend the definitions of Mobile Home, Mobile Home Lot and Mobile Home Park; Section 385-89.E "Park Requirememnts" to amend the screening and buffering requirements of Mobile Home Parks; and Section 385-89.J to establish a maximum density of lfour dwelling units per net acre of land within a Mobile Home Park and to establish a maximum impervious cover of 35% for each mobile home lot.  Adopted 6-9-20.

20-06 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 450 of the West Bradford Township Code, Entitled "Zoning" at Article XV. Wireless Communications Facilities, in order to provide for provisions to clarify that small wireless facilities are governed by a separate ordinance and design guidelines and update provisions to comply with Federal and State Law with respect to Wireless Communications Facilities in West Bradford Township.  Adopted 10-13-20.

20-07 - An Ordinance amending the West Bradford Township Code of Ordinances, as amended, to provide a new chapter entitled "Chapter 345 - Small Wireless Facilities" to allow for and regulate small cell wireless facilities, within the public rights-of-way in the Township.  Adopted 10-13-20.


2019 Ordinances

19-01 - An Ordinance of the Township of West Bradford, Chester County, Pennsylvania Providing for the Amendment of the Zoning Ordinance of West Bradford Township of 1977, as Amended, and as Codified at Chapter 450 of the West Bradford Township Code, to Require the Merger of Two or More Adjacent Commonly Held Nonconforming Lots.  Adopted 1-7-19.

19-02 - An Ordinance Establishing a Maximum Speed Limit on Marshallton-Thorndale Road of 35 MPH.  Adopted 1-7-19.

19-03 - An Ordinance Establishing a No Parking and Tow Zone on Shagbark Drive.  Adopted 4-8-19.

19-04 - Establishing Stop Intersections on Parker Drive and Jackson Drive.  Adopted 7-09-19.

19-05 - General Obligation Bonds.  Adopted 9-10-19.

19-06 - TND-2 Zoning Ordinance Amendment.  Adopted 12-10-19.

19-07 - Accessory Suites Zoning Ordinance Amendment.  Adopted 12-10-19.