Current Land Developments

The following projects are now under land development review:.

  • Mayfair – A 112 townhome subdivision at Boulder Drive which received preliminary approval and is now under final review.
  • B. Ross Capps/Krapf – A 2-lot subdivision at 205 N. Wawaset Road.
  • Donnon – A 3-lot subdivision at 1501 Glenside Road.

The following projects are among those approved in recent years; construction has not yet begun:

  • Armstrong Engineers – A 10,000 sf office building at 1845 West Strasburg Road.
  • Tattersall Phase II - A 27 single-family home subdivision on to-be-constructed Silverbark Lane, a cul-de-sac street with access ontoTattersall Way.
  • Chidester - 2 Lots at 1233 Cranberry Lane.

The following projects are now under construction:

  • Bright Glade Farm – A 37 single-family home subdivision at Glenside Road.
  • Buck Hill Farm – A 129 single-famly home subdivision at Chestnut Lane.
  • Hirst – A three single-family home subdivision at Marshallton Thorndale Road and Telegraph Road.
  • Marshallton Walk – A one single-family home and 12 twin home subdivision at 1440 West Strasburg Road.
  • Stargazer Village at Romansville - A 95 single-family home and 39 townhome subdivision at the interesection of Stargazer Road and West Strasburg Road.

All project plans are available for public review at the Township Building, Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 4:30pm.